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Andromeda sales datacards for military stations and faciletys.

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The Golan Station, Mark 1 was designed during the Stark Hyperspace War to defend key planets and hyperspace routes from intruders without putting lives at risk. Able to accommodate fighter squadrons and dock with capital ships, it can also serve as a supply platform and service station for cruisers. It is well defended, boasting both torpedo launchers and turbolasers for defense along with strategically placed tractor beams along the perimeter of the station. Although superior in firepower to cruisers and corvettes, clever commanders have been known to eliminate the vulnerable shield generator, unguarded at the base of the spike next to the sensor array. This removes telemetry and shielding from the gunners, who once un-coordinated become easy pickings for the enemy. This is the main reason that this station was never used widespread and this heralded the designers to recreate and re-design the Golan 1 during the years of the Clone Wars.A secure space station designed for deep space usage and easy docking, the XQ1 station is not named a platform for nothing. Consisting of 3 landing platforms that double as docking ports there is little else except for a cramped command tower and large cargo space that has a small docking bay for a few defensive fighters. It is however a very useful station to own. It has powerful scanners that allow it to detect incoming craft before they reach the station and so functions well as an early warning post. It can dock with cruisers to transfer personnel on board them before battle and can defend itself against anything smaller than an escort carrier. It has a strong shield and can hold up to 300 personnel used to relieve patrol ship crews and maintain border integrity.Mainly used as a system border outpost and refueling station, the Ataturk model is able to contain fighters and dock with capital ships. Configured with long range sensors to detect enemies before the come into range of the station it is also good as an advanced warning post. Equipped with both quad lasers and missile launchers it is developed to engage heavy freighters and fighters and even be able to take on capital ships with assistance. Along with its standard fighter complement it can defend system borders easily and alert main defense fleets before any enemy can incur too far into occupied territory. It also has tractor beams that can provide docking assistance as well as capture intruders. It requires a standard crew complement of 100 but can operate basic functions with just 8. It holds escape pods that can evacuate most of the standard crew and shuttles contained in the stations bays for maintenance can usually evacuate the rest.
Computer Control Centres automate and coordinate all planetary weapons, shields and power delivered by power generators scattered all over the planet. Usually only found on major planets they can help reduce the number of people required to run the defence/management of the planet but it can be one of the first targets of a planetary bombardment.Train your mind and body at the local Training Academy. To become the best, you must shed some blood, sweat, and tears.For those who flaunt the law - we have a nice 2 x 2 meters cell for you.
The massive cannon, when used in conjunction with planetary shields, proves an effective deterrent against orbital siege activities.  The ion cannon has a very long reach, able to target vessels in orbital and superorbital space. The KDY v-150 is strictly a fixed emplacement weapon, usually mounted on a rotating base and covered by a semi-circular reinforced permacite shell. The cannons are modular, and can be erected in a matter of hours.Built to provide static defence to vulnerable land-based positions, an LNR cannon can reach capital ships in orbit of their location. However their incredible firepower comes at a price, as they are easily destroyed themselves, often the first target of an attacking party.Shield generators are made in a wide array of sizes: from personal shields favored by primitive armies and riot police, to the massive devices produced by generators built to enshroud capital ships in a protective bubble. The planetary shield generator can cover a wide swath of a planet's surface in an impenetrable umbrella. Coupled with an adequate power supply, generators have been documented to include up to nine urban centres in their halo.  While unassuming, simply built structures, shield generators offer enormous amount of protection to a sensitive area. Shield strength can be regulated from its control room to allow certain ships through while continuing to block others. Often, defense complexes for megalopolises will deploy multiple generators to maximize the shield strength over a central location. However, even a single generator will add an extra layer of defense that can give defenders time to rally forces and send out calls for external aid.
The barracks is both a place of work and residence that allows troops to relax in comfort and security. With a military grade alloy hull it is tough enough to take several heavy hits before any structural damage is caused. A hangar is usually nearby as this facility has no vehicle storage room. Army units are quartered in these throughout the galaxy to enable successful co-ordination of each of the people these facilities cater for.The Anti-Air Battery, also commonly referred as the One of the first products offered by Atgar weapons systems, the design was considered greatly inferior to later anti-vehicle armaments, partially due to its inability to protect the crew operating it. Its basic operations were controlled through 16 micropower routers placed around the disk that converted the power supply to high-density energy that could be fired at oncoming enemies. Developed by Golan Arms, the DF.9/B Golan Laser Battery is an anti-infantry emplacement designed to provide close artillery support against both troops and vehicles. The battery consists of a rotating turret mounted on a manned tower, allowing relatively self-sufficient defense of its locality.